Tequila Pacheco


Where it started

It started with taste testing a few dozen tequila samples from Jalisco, Mexico. The criteria being that the tequila needed to have a smooth finish, filtered completely for clarity and be particle free, while leaving a pleasant aftertaste. It took quite a few samples for each tequila type until the standards were met. Only then was Marco willing to put his name on the product and begin his journey of promoting his new tequila.

About us

Tequila Pacheco, is a locally founded business located in Stockton California, U.S. with the purpose to offer an unique Tequila brand with a smooth taste to anyone who’s willing experience a real high-end premium tequila.

The founder

It all started when Marco Pacheco wanted more from a tequila than what was currently being sold. He sought after a formula that could offer an unique taste experience, so he decided to go in search for the perfect savor. Helding true to the ancient traditions of the Mexican craft, kept the character in the tequila flavor to stand above the rest, and bring the ultimate taste.

Thank you

We aim for perfection in the Tequila we make, and we thank you all for being a part of our journey. Thank you for trusting us and for the interest of having an unique experience with Tequila Pacheco.
Drink responsibly
-Marco Pacheco